Sending a message of help and hope to this generation. 


The Crisis

It is heartbreaking to hear the stories from the kids in our county of the suicides, overdoses, cutting, crime and family breakdown. We need solutions for the family crisis we are encountering in Forsyth County. 

A Critical Solution

Whisper is an initiative that connects a Network of leaders in Forsyth County to convey a message of help and hope. We do this by inspiring and inviting people with acts of love, stories and imagery that call and challenge them to live for more—to be the person they were created to be. Together, we can re-focus our eyes on what matters most… RELATIONSHIPS, beginning with our own families! This initiative is a tool to get people to listen. 

Our Approach

Whisper is a grassroots strategy to see thousands of conversation moments of hope in Forsyth County. Led by a movement of relationships, influencers, organizations and individuals like you. 

Better Conversations

We believe that in a single moment everything can change. And every person needs to hear a message of hope and love today, especially in this distracted and busy society. 

At the core, Whisper is about unifying the city through a Hear and Tell citywide program. Our goal is to create a large, diverse network of influencers from all generations, nationalities and organizations who want to see change in our county. 

Everything Whisper does is closely aligned with a nationally known citywide campaign called Relational Values. This partnership with one of the leading relational voices in the world, Dr. David Ferguson PhD (Psychology and Theology, Oxford), provides invaluable insight and strategies. Relational Values offer powerful solutions for the family crisis. Dr. Ferguson’s work in Relational Values, Social-Emotional Learning and Family Systems is being applied in Public Policy, Education, Business and Faith Communities to see Community Transformation across the Globe. 


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